Paul Cuenco:   A Lifetime of Creating

Turn to the world of Paul where his tales will enthrall you, his poetry will rivet you and his essays will jar you with ideas.  His eloquence is captivating that you will be remembering lines from his work and reciting them from your heart. 

You will read novels wrought in self searching or adultery or self discovery.  They are stories that will take you from certainty to doubt to the universal acceptance of what life is; or, a husband's search of a heaven that he thought he doesn't have; and, the self-discovery of oneself at the end of life.

You will read his poetry that solicits the basic tenets of humanity - the love, anguish and catharsis of a life.  It is here, in the short stanzas, you will learn of what the author is thinking and feeling. 

And, you will read his journal that like all good writers, point to the realities and truths of life, the practical and impractical, that makes it worth living.

Come, get lost in his work.  Feel the intensity and passion of a work written from years gone by, a reflection of a life lived.  Be one with him, for reading his work, it is not mere entertainment that you will be after, it is a deeper philosophy, a sense of an open-ended life.

So, let us commence. Here are his books.


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